May 2021

  • Launch of the inter-active map on the activity of third country SOEs in the EU procurement market. Visit here

    WG 4.0 2021 05 May a DigiPlace closing conference

  • Digiplace closing conference with FIEC's First Vice-President Philip Crampton amongst the panelists discussing future EU support for the digital transition of the construction industry

    WG 4.0 2021 05 May b BIM SPEED General Assembly

  • BIM-SPEED Project, 6th General Assembly of the H2020 research project. Development of the BIM-SPEED platform & the digital tools

  • Steep increase in construction material prices, FIEC appeals to the EU Commission

  • Commissioner Simson keynote speaker at FIEC General Assembly, she acknowledges FIEC paper on Renovation Wave.

    various 2021 05 May a Commissioner Simson tweet FIEC GA

    various 2021 05 May a Commissioner Simson speaker at FIEC GA