The new EU Industrial Strategy – “High Level Construction Forum”


In March 2020, the European Commission (EC) presented its “industrial strategy” with the aim of supporting the twin transition to a green and digital economy, make EU industry more competitive globally, and enhance Europe’s open strategic autonomy.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the priorities and the overall framework and the EC therefore decided to issue a revised/updated Industrial Strategy [COM(2021)350] which was launched in May 2021. In this “New Industrial Strategy” the EC identified 14 priority ecosystems, including “construction”.

The EC also introduced the concept of “transition pathways”, aiming at identifying the actions needed to achieve the twin transitions, giving a better understanding of the scale, benefits and conditions required. These “transition pathways”, specific to each of the 14 ecosystems, are to be co-created jointly with industry and stakeholders.

For this purpose and as regards the construction ecosystem, the EC decided to set up a new High Level Construction Forum  (HLCF) and 3 Clusters :

  • Cluster 1 : Environment
  • Cluster 2 : Digitalisation
  • Cluster 3 : Resilience

Why FIEC is dealing with this topic

This is the only EU action exclusively focusing on the construction ecosystem and its stakeholders in a holistic manner. It also aims at better coordinating the various responsibilities spread across the different Commission services concerned. Consequently, FIEC and its national Member Federations will contribute actively in the new High Level Construction Forum (HLCF) and in the various Clusters.

The main objective of this new HLCF and of the 3 Clusters is to develop a roadmap for the construction ecosystem with milestones and actions for the implementation of our “transition pathway”. This will directly impact construction companies and the overall sectoral framework for the digital and “green” transitions. It is therefore of crucial importance that FIEC actively contributes to this new initiative.

Actions and key dates

October 2021

Kick-off meeting of the new High Level Construction Forum and of the 3 Clusters

First semester 2022

Draft roadmap for the construction ecosystem to be discussed in the 3 Clusters

Second semester 2022

Agreement and final approval of the roadmap by the HLCF