Construction 4.0

Žiga Turk, SI
Žiga Turk, SI

FIEC launched a BIM Working Group in 2016, to tackle the subject of Building Information Modelling and its impact on contractors in the EU. This group quickly became a working group focused on the wider aspects of digitalisation, under a new name, the “Construction 4.0 Working Group”. 

Why FIEC is dealing with this topic

The main aim of this group is to follow relevant policy developments, inform member federations and select priority issues for more in depth research and discussion, in order to develop our positions. The group published a position paper on the behaviour of software companies towards contractors in February 2020. The paper addresses the behaviour of IT companies, with regard to the data being generated by construction companies; and the licences that are being offered by many software companies, for critical services to support BIM and other aspects of digital construction.This was based on an internal document on data policy, which considers emerging issues that will eventually need lobbying action. Follow up discussions took place with MEPs and a webinar was held for contractors and software companies in June 2021, to explore how to develop win-win relationships between the former as the client and the latter as the provider.


Actions and key dates


A European strategy for data COM(2020) 66 final published


FIEC position paper on the relationship between users and software companies/editors/service providers


FIEC Webinar on “Ensuring a clear and fair relationship with software companies”

February 2021

Work Programme 2021 finalised


Follow-up webinar with software companies Digitialising Construction: building win-win relationships with software companies