Task Force Ukraine

Kjetil Tonning, NO
Kjetil Tonning, NO
Chairman Task Force “Ukraine’

Brief description and main aims: 

FIEC and EIC decided to set up a joint Task Force on Ukraine in order to centralise and coordinate information and initiatives in view of the reconstruction of Ukraine once the war will be over.

The Task Force has been enlarged to other concerned stakeholders (engineers, construction products and machineries manufacturers,…)

The Task Force is chaired by Kjetil Tonning, FIEC Honorary President, and our Ukrainian member federation CBU is actively involved in the discussions, as well as local and national authorities.

Why FIEC is dealing with this topic: 

In August 2022 the World Bank issued a report entitled “Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment” which is part of an ongoing effort, undertaken jointly by the Government of Ukraine, the World Bank, and the European Commission and supported by other partners, to take stock of Ukraine’s damage and losses from the war and to assess the scale of economic and social needs for Ukraine’s survival during the war and its prospering afterward. According to this report, the total reconstruction and recovery needs are estimated (in June 2022) at about US $ 349 billion.


These reconstruction needs cover housebuildings, schools, hospitals, utilities supplies, transport and civil infrastructure, etc.

There are also significant needs for of training of Ukrainian specialists in the field of all types of construction activities.

Actions and key dates

29 June 2022

FIEC welcomes in Brussels a delegation of authorities from the city of Irpin

8 July 2022

Kick-off meeting of the Task Force Ukraine.

Second half of 2022

Various meetings of the Task Force with the participation of representatives of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU, other concerned stakeholders, European Commission.

11 October 2022

Meeting with the ambassador of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU
(Press Release)

19 October 2022

Intervention of FIEC President Philip Crampton in the “Recovery Forum Ukraine 2022” organised by CBU.