Better Functioning of the European construction Labour Market (FELM) – Social Dialogue project

Brief description and main aims: 

Within their multiannual commitment, the European social partners of the construction have strongly emphasised the challenges linked to the increased number of third country national companies and workers in the European construction labour market. 

We namely observe a lack of level-playing field between EU and non-EU companies, in particular State-owned companies. As regards third country nationals, we observe problems in terms of equal treatment, enforcement of labour law, social protection and social rights.

The project has a twofold approach. On the one hand, it will focus on the business challenges, on the other hand on the workers’ challenges.

The final goal, based on desk research, case studies and workshops, is to formulate possible joint recommendations on how to improve the functioning of the European construction market.

Why FIEC is dealing with this topic:

FIEC has been dealing with the issue of third country construction companies on the EU market for many years, following the growing presence of such companies and in particular State-owned companies in EU public procurement. The main problem observed in this regard is the lack of level playing field with EU companies, as these newcomers impose a very aggressive price policy, which is considered to be abnormally low compared to the EU standards. 

In this respect, FIEC’s objective is to raise awareness towards the EU institutions and make sure that all companies, whatever their origin and status, play according to the same EU rules.

As regards the third country nationals in construction, FIEC understands that their situation should be assessed and framed, in order to avoid social dumping and again an unfair level playing field for companies.

Actions and key dates

December 2020

Thematic workshop dedicated to third country nationals and companies in the EU construction market (in the framework of the DESOCO project)

June 2021

FIEC-EFBWW joint statement on third country nationals and companies in the EU construction market

June 2021

Official start of the project

June – November 2022

Case study phase

January 2023

Internal Seminar 


Final Conference in Ljubljana 

May 2023

End of the project