“Decentralised Social Dialogue in Construction” (DESOCO)

Brief description and main aims: 

In March 2020, the EU sectoral social partners for the construction industry FIEC, representing the employers and EFBWW (European Federation of Building and Wood Workers), representing the workers started a project, co-financed by the European Commission, aimed at organising 6 dedicated meetings of the construction social dialogue over a two-year period.

The main objective of the project was to discuss the social and economic challenges impacting the construction labour market and their future development.

The project also aimed at promoting the European Social Dialogue at national level, while at the same time encouraging national social partners, especially from the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs), to be more involved in the European Social Dialogue of the construction industry.


Why FIEC is dealing with this topic:

Social Dialogue in the construction industry is a top priority for FIEC and can have a significant impact at national level, in particular in CEECs.

The 6 meetings will cover issues that have been identified as priorities in many Member States, such as:

  • Initiatives for attracting and retaining young people in the construction industry;
  • Addressing the problem of skills gaps/mismatches and corresponding adaptations of the training schemes due to the “greening” and the digitalisation of the construction industry;
  • Exchange of best practice, improvement and development of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Risk Assessment tools and methodologies in construction;
  • How digitalisation can improve OSH in the construction industry;
  • Assessment of the transposition, implementation, application and enforcement of the “Enforcement” (2014/067/EC) and of the new “Posting of Workers” (2018/955/EC) Directives;
  • Discussion on the impact and possible solutions regarding the increased number of third country companies and workers in the EU construction industry.

Actions and key dates

March 2020

Start of project

December 2020

1st thematic workshop “Employment”, dedicated to third countries nationals and companies in the EU construction market (with Czech perspective)

February 2021

1st thematic workshop “Health & Safety”, dedicated to risk assessment in construction (with Polish perspective)

June 2021

1st thematic workshop “Vocational Education & Training and Youth”, dedicated to skills’s twin transition (green and digital) in construction (with Latvian perspective)

December 2021

2nd thematic workshop “Employment”

February 2022

2nd thematic workshop “Health & Safety”, dedicated to on Musculo-skeletal Disorders (with Slovenian perspective) 

May 2022

2nd thematic workshop “Vocational Education & Training and Youth”, dedicated to attracting and retaining young people in the construction industry (with Hungarian perspective)

July 2022

End of project