BIM-SPEED is a research project funded by Horizon 2020. It is being co-ordinated by the Technical University of Berlin.  FIEC is a partner. The purpose of the project is to stimulate the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the energy renovation of residential buildings. 

Why FIEC is dealing with this topic

FIEC believes that BIM - already an important tool in the construction of new buildings and infrastructure - could have a significant impact on the speed and effectiveness of energy renovation.  However, as it is more difficult to introduce BIM into works on the existing building stock, because of the need to set up the model when a building already exists, then new tools need to be developed.  Given our commitment to accelerating the speed of energy renovation in the EU, this project will show how BIM can be introduced into this important task, offering SMEs in particular, ways to start using it.

Actions and key dates


Start date


kick off meeting


Launch of EU-wide survey on current extent of use of BIM in renovation    in the construction value chain


Information Webinar for FIEC Member Federations


BIM-SPEED Industry Days

June 2021

General Assembly in Delft


Announcement of BIM-SPEED Competition winners at Sustainable Places in Nice


Final General Assembly in Berlin 


End of the project